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Who are we and what do we do?

We are a group of elected NHS dentists who primarily exist to represent our peers in the negotiation and planning of locally commissioned NHS primary care dental services with NHS England.

We also represent local NHS dentists providing a dialogue with other local dental and medical services, the council, charities and the wider community on behalf of NHS practising dentists in Sheffield.

We also provide support, advice and representation for all local dental practitioners when required.


Committee Members

Chair - Dave Gavens

Dave Gavens


Secretary - Matt Gamble

Matt Gamble

Secretary / IT
Portfolio Holder

Vice Chair and Social Secretary - Galer Farrer

Galer Farrer

Vice Chair and Social Secretary

Treasurer - Mark Summerfield

Mark Summerfield


Member - James Bird

James Bird

Member - Andy Cadman

Andy Cadman

Jackie Luscombe

Jackie Luscombe

Member - Angela Day

Angela Day

Member - Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson

Member - Mike Heanue

Mike Heanue

IT - Jim Lafferty

Jim Lafferty

Portfolio Holder

Member - Kathryn J Houlding

Kathryn J Houlding

Member - Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Member -Danielle Chappell

Danielle Chappell

Randeep Singh Chung

Member -Randeep Singh Chung

Member -Sarmithsa Solanky

Sarmithsa Solanky

Member -Anna Holden

Anna Holden

Sheffield Local Dental Committee

Salvation Army Sheffield Citadel Corps,
10-12 Psalter Lane,
S11 8YN


Meetings held at 7pm on the third Wednesday of every month

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