About Us

Sheffield Local Dental Committee (LDC) is the statutory body representing General Dental Practitioners, (GDPs) and Salaried Dentists working for Sheffield Salaried Primary Dental Care Services (SSPDCS) based in the Primary Care Trust area of Sheffield. We are committed to being their source of political representation, pastoral support, advice and reference for member dentists in the Sheffield area. Sheffield Local Dental Committee (LDC) has an important role to play in working with the PCT to help develop dental services for the population of Sheffield.  We are funded by a monthly statutory levy on GDS providers and a voluntary levy from PDS preformers in dental practices and the salaried services – the local dental practitioners.

What is the Sheffield LDC?

The Local Representative Committee (LRC) for salaried dentists and independent dental practitioners, the LDC has the statutory right to be consulted by the Local Area Team (LAT) and Strategic Health Authority on issues relating to the dental profession.  We have the same role for dentists as the Local Medical Committee, Local Optical Committee and Local Pharmacy Committee do for our independent contractor colleagues.  We work closely with the other LRCs, particularly on local IT matters.

The main function of the Sheffield LDC is to represent and support salaried dentists and General Dental Practitioners (GDPs); to ensure that our members are properly valued, and their skills properly utilised.

We liaise with our LDC colleagues within the LAT cluster of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw; these LDCs are Rotherham LDC, Barnsley LDC, and Doncaster & Bassetlaw LDC. Representatives of these LDCs sit on the pilot Local Dental Network (LDN), which has been established to provide professional advice to the local tier of the new NHS Commissioning Board.

Any salaried or general dental practitioner working in the Sheffield area is welcome to attend meetings, ideally with the prior notification being made to the Secretary or Chairman.